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Reflective Exercise

Review the day's events each evening for 5 to 10 minutes and ask yourself what experiences gave you life and what drained life. This will help you discover where you find purpose and meaning.

Close your eyes and take a moment to slow down. Begin with a slow deep breath. Breath in, filling your lungs and taking the breath right down to the belly. Breathe out slowly. Repeat.

Keeping your eyes closed, think for a moment about your day so far.

What made you feel most alive?

Allow the image or answer to surface. Make a mental note of it and give thanks.

Now ask, where did I feel life drain from me?   

Allow that answer or image to surface and ask for guidance, if this is your tradition.

It helps to write down your responses, and see if patterns emerge. If you discover that:

  • A particular part of your work is life-giving, you might want to expand that part.
  • Some situations are less satisfying, you can explore the feelings surrounding those events.

Changing your response in situations can be a powerful way of averting negative feelings and outcomes that are life draining.

You might want to share your insights with a friend or mentor.

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