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Selecting Activities that are Right for You





- Excellent beginner activity

- Can be done almostanywhere

- Minimal stress to joints

- Develops and maintains aerobic fitness for most adults
- For the highly fit, may not be intense enough to reach target heart rate range


- Requires no special equipment except proper shoes

- Can be done almost anywhere
- May stress joints

- Safety issues when done on streets and uneven surfaces.


- Excellent overall conditioner

- Minimal stress to most joints

- Need access to a pool

Bicycling/Stationary Cycling

- Exercises large muscles in legs

- Minimal stress to most joints

- Can be done indoors
- Outdoor: safety issues

- Indoor: need access to equipment

Aerobic Dance/Step Aerobics

- Excellent overall conditioner if properly performed

- Music and group exercise make it enjoyable
- May require instruction

- High impact can stress joints


- Exercises upper and lower body muscles

- Minimal stress on joints if done properly

- Effective for aerobic and muscle fitness
- Need access to equipment

Stair Climber

- Exercises large muscles in legs

- Minimal stress on joints
- Need access to equipment

Rope Jumping

- Can be done almost anywhere

- Inexpensive
- Difficult to sustain unless fairly fit

- Stresses joints

- Skill required for effectiveness

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