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What Is Community Wellbeing?

Community wellbeing arises from a wide variety of factors. Public health researchers Wiseman and Brasher reflect this in their interesting definition: 

Community wellbeing is the combination of social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political conditions identified by individuals and their communities as essential for them to flourish and fulfill their potential.”

When we look at community as a whole, we find three attributes that play a large role in wellbeing:  connectedness, livability, and equity. We can explore each of these attributes to find factors that contribute to community wellbeing.


Connection is fostered by a community’s social networks that:

  • Offer social support
  • Enhance social trust
  • Support members living harmoniously together
  • Foster civic engagement
  • Empower members to participate in community and democracy


A livable community is supported by the infrastructure, including:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Parks and recreation
  • Human services
  • Public safety
  • Access to culture and the arts


An equitable community is supported by values of diversity, social justice, and individual empowerment, where:

  • All members are treated with fairness and justice
  • Basic needs are met (adequate access to health services, decent housing, food, personal security)
  • There is equal opportunity to get education and meet individual potential

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