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May is Family Wellness Month

Celebrate Family Wellness Month by spending more time with family and those closest to you. Take a walk, go on a bike ride, make a new, healthy recipe together.

One of the biggest challenges for families to stay connected is the busy pace of life. Mimi Doe presents seven core concepts for connected families. By embracing these concepts, life can become more balanced.

1. Tolerance: Let the little things go. Understand that those we love might have different pictures in their minds of how events should play out.
2. Time together: Be creative and harvest more time for your family.
3. Trial and error: Never give up. Continue to try new approaches and adjust for changing age and interest.
4. Take it out into the world: Practice compassion in action as a family.
5. Teach less, listen more: Honor each other's viewpoints and dreams. If you have kids, learn from them.
6. Tools for living: Begin creating your family's unique toolbox of beliefs. Be specific about what beliefs and values make it into the box, why they are there, and how to put them to use.
7. Total love: You cannot go wrong when you love deeply. Never assume that your family knows how much you love them. Show them often.

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What should I do for Family Wellness Month?

How does your family function? Do you wish you had more time to spend together? Do you have strong relationships with your siblings, children, and parents? No matter what your answers to these questions are, it's never too late to make a change for the better. Here are some ideas for taking charge of family wellness month.

  • Outdoor activities: Go for a bike ride, take a walk, play kickball or any other physical activity.
  • Share the kitchen: Try making a new recipe together from the Mediterranean diet.
  • Catch up: Make a phone call or set up a lunch date to catch up with one of your family members or close friends with whom you haven't had enough quality time lately. It's important to have a social network.
  • Listen more: Take time to listen to others and work on improving your family's communication.
  • Attend a spiritual group together: Take a yoga class, visit a meditation center, or attend a religious book club to connect with each other.
  • Volunteer together: Spend a day helping others and connecting over a common purpose.

Don't forget how self-care and healthcare can keep your family well

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