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Creating Healing Environments with Dr. Esther Sternberg

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Medical researcher Dr. Esther Sternberg is internationally recognized for her research of the mind-body interaction in illness and healing. She is a well-known speaker on the topic of stress and illness, and she is the author of two books, Healing Places and The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions.

The research in the field of mind-body studies is growing, and current studies point to the relationship between our surroundings and our health. A healthy and pleasing environment (like plants in your office, or a treasured photograph on the wall) can do more than simply improve your mood--it can actually affect your immune system and physical health.

Watch the interview with Dr. Sternberg to learn more.

Skip ahead in the video to hear Dr. Sternberg talk about:

  • 0:23    How the environment impacts wellbeing
  • 2:00    How we can interact beneficially with our environment
  • 3:23    Ways Dr. Sternberg has transformed her own home and office space
  • 4:26    How to create a healing environment for someone in the hospital
  • 5:35    Interesting things happening in the field of mind-body research
  • 6:17    How to apply that research in daily life
  • 8:11    Why it's important to take charge of your health

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