Make Wise Choices

Much of safety comes from our own lifestyle choices, including what and how we choose to use alcohol, our sexual choices, and the ways we engage with technology. Here are some tips to decrease your risks.

Use alcohol moderately

one hand offering a glass of wine while the other rejects itAlcohol slows the brain’s ability to control the body and mind. It acts like a sedative and slows down muscle coordination, reflexes, movement, and speech. If you drink too much alcohol, your breathing or heart rate can reach dangerously low levels or even stop.

If you are of legal drinking age, remember that it is your choice whether to use alcohol or not. No one should feel pressured to drink or made to feel embarrassed because of a personal choice. Drinking alcohol should not be seen as a necessary component for having fun and being with friends. If you do choose to use alcohol, do so in moderation and know your personal limits.

If you are concerned that you might have a drinking problem, you can evaluate your drinking habits using the CAGE assessment. Don’t delay in seeking help. One well-known resource is Alcoholics Anonymous.