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Hidden Perks of a Sustainable Lifestyle

Making changes in your life that aim to protect the health of the global environment will naturally benefit you as well, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Doing this...

Can also help you...

Riding a bike or walking instead of drivingBe physically healthier. In addition to the exercise you’ll get, Vitamin D from the sun delivers a number of benefits, including lower blood pressure, stronger bones, and better immune function.
Turning off lights, computer, and cell phone one hour before bedtimeSleep better. Creating a peaceful nighttime routine will help you relax into a deeper, more productive sleep.
Helping others meet their fundamental needs by donating time to the communityFeel happier. Volunteering can benefit your health and leads to a natural “helper’s high,” which some researchers say is more powerful than receiving help from others.
Choosing organic foodsLower your risk for certain diseases. While there hasn’t been enough research done to prove that organic foods are healthier than non-organic, there is growing evidence that pesticides and other chemicals are associated with health problems like cancer, reproductive problems, Parkinson’s, and diabetes.
Using rechargeable batteries, making your own cleaning products, practicing eco-driving, and riding the bus instead of drivingSave money. All of these are options that are not only sustainable, but inexpensive as well.
Carpooling with coworkersDecrease stress. Sharing rides offers you the chance to bond with coworkers, developing relationships that come in handy when work gets difficult. Research shows that social support at work can both reduce stress and decrease blood pressure.

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