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About Us

Purpose of Taking Charge of Your Survivorship

The purpose of Taking Charge of your Survivorship is to provide safe, reliable, and evidence-informed information about how to navigate life from diagnosis of a life altering disease, through treatment, and beyond survivorship.  We want to build a community for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer, hematologic, metabolic, or genetic disorders. 

Many individuals express that they are not sure what to do after they have gone through extensive medical treatments.  Some feel lost and disconnected from who they once were.  This site is to serve as a tool to help individuals and caregivers explore their sense of self and to connect with a community that understands what they have gone through. 

This site is also to serve as a resource for individuals looking to adapt integrative health practices into their lives.  There is plenty of well-intended, yet misguided information about how to use various integrative therapies; but, not all practices are safe or appropriate for every person.

Explore this site. Find what resonates with you. Talk to your healthcare providers about safely incorporating integrative health practices into your plan of care.



Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, and evidence-informed information about integrative health to support individuals living with a life altering diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond survivorship.




Our vision is that every and anyone living with a life altering diagnosis has access to safe, reliable, and evidence-informed information about integrative health practices to support their wellbeing. We want to empower people to engage their wellbeing and find purpose and meaning within their lives. 



We value the integrity and individuality of each person's body, mind, and spirit. No one journey is the same, but we can all learn from each other and share stories in hopes of improving the next person's experience. 


Partnerships of Taking Charge of Your Survivorship

Taking Charge of your Survivorship is a project led by integrative nurse clinicians, Megan Voss, DNP, RN, and Maureen (Mo) Anderson, DNP, RN.

Our partnership with the University of Minnesota's Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing launched this project with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. A leader in the field of integrative health and wellbeing for twenty-five years, the Bakken Center produces the Taking Charge of your Health and Wellbeing website, which served as our inspiration.

We express our deepest gratitude to the Blythe Brenden-Mann Foundation who has made this work possible through generous gifts to Children’s Cancer Research Fund over many years. The Blythe Brenden-Mann Foundation's ongoing support and leadership, in the area of integrative health and wellbeing has enhanced the lives of many families during some of their darkest days. 

Integrative Nurse Clinicians

Megan and Mo are nurses who specialize in teaching adolescent and young adults how to use integrative therapies to manage the symptoms of treatment. In addition to providing these services to their patients, they wanted to create a space to share these important ways of feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally.

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