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Acupoint Therapy

Acupoint therapy is a collection of therapeutic modalities derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It includes techniques, such as acupressure and acupuncture, that are used to stimulate acupoints throughout the body.

acupressure being applied to feet

Acupoint therapy is an umbrella term for a collection of techniques that stimulate points in the body to invoke healing. These techniques are founded in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a comprehensive medical system with over 4,000 years of history.

Acupoints are locations in the body that are sensitive to and conduct the body’s bioelectrical impulses. Stimulating these points creates changes to the nervous system, releases endorphins, increases blood flow and tissue oxygenation, and releases muscular tension, which in turn promotes an innate healing response. In addition to these physical responses, acupoint therapy is known to help soothe emotional tension and promote relaxation.


Be aware that the information provided here is for general use. If you are seeking individualized treatments and/or have a complex medical history, consult with your medical team for further guidance. 

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