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Movement-Based Therapies

Sometimes your body needs movement to help improve aches, pains, and your mood.

Two women practicing tai chi

Have you ever been anxious or nervous and someone has said something like, “Calm down!” or “relax!”? Then when you try to calm down and relax by laying down you find this makes you more anxious as your mind is wandering and your body is wiggling? Do not worry, this is normal and common.

Sometimes our bodies and our minds feel like they are racing, and “relaxing” by meditating feels like the least helpful recommendation. In moments like these, try movement-based therapies. 

Movement-based therapies are a collection of integrative therapies that work by aligning your body and mind through movement, breath, and focused attention. Below you will find a few examples of movement-based therapies and how you can practice them on your own. 

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Exploring Movement-Based Therapies

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