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Notice the positive

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Start with intention

Set an intention to notice positive things that happen each day and appreciate them as they arise. It is easy to think just about unpleasant experiences when you are under stress. This can make you and the person you care for depressed. Making a point of noticing and talking about pleasant things as they happen helps to keep a balance.

Examples of positive moments you can notice
  • Enjoyable things that happened with other people: Jerry said I looked good today; Martha went out of her way to get my medicine; the nurse was very understanding about how I felt; Tom did the dishes without complaining; Mary and I had a good talk; Bill and I talked about the old days.
  • Activities that gave a sense of accomplishment: I beat Charlie at chess; I finished knitting the arm to the sweater; I cleaned out my bureau drawers; I balanced my checkbook; I walked farther than I did yesterday.
  • Activities that make me feel good: I saw a robin; I enjoyed the shadows that the sun made coming through my window; I really laughed at the old Lucy show rerun; I encouraged Bill who was feeling down today.
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