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What is anxiety?

woman looking anxious with hand on head

What is anxiety anyway? Anxiety is a NORMAL response to stress. Anxiety can actually be useful if you learn how to work with it. Instead of labeling anxiety as your enemy, try thinking of it as a strange new friend that you are trying to get to know and understand better.

It's important to practice listening to your mind and body so you can learn more about how and when you tend to experience anxiety. By learning more about your individual experience of anxiety, you can develop strategies for managing it. 

Someones it's easy to tune in and identify the sources and symptoms of your anxiety. Other times, anxiety can be difficult to understand. 

Anxiety may be a daily battle with peaks and valleys. It's important to talk to your healthcare team about the anxiety you experience. When you can no longer manage it with these tips alone, you should ask for help. Get connected with someone you can talk to about your anxiety. At times, you may even need or want medication to help. 

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