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What do we mean by meaning and purpose?


Everyone has a different idea of what their purpose is and what makes life meaningful. But it generally involves five different aspects.

Who you see yourself as 
  • “I’m a strong person who can handle anything.”
  • “I’m a creative type, more sensitive than others.”
  • “I’m an athlete/scholar/artist.”
What is important to you
  • “My family always comes first.”
  • “If I don’t have time to play guitar each day, I tend to feel antsy.”
Where you find strength
  • “When I see others in my situation, I feel less alone.”
  • “Prayer makes me feel protected and comforted.”
Why you get up in the morning 
  • “My little sister looks up to me, so I want to be strong.”
  • “I am determined to get my economics degree and become a professor.”
How you make a difference in the world
  • “I am the problem-solver in my friend group.”
  • “I always try to be kind to everyone, even if I don’t know them.”

Everyone’s sense of meaning and purpose changes throughout life, but you might notice that these aspects of your life shift dramatically when you are faced with challenges.

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