lotusIf you are a person who represses your intuition because of previous painful experiences, there are ways you can reconnect.

Create a Forgiveness Pledge

Take out a piece , index card, or create an entry in your Intuition Journal. Fill in the sentence below. When you are done, find somewhere you can be alone and read it out loud to your intuition. If more memories and thoughts become present, include them in your Forgiveness Pledge.

I forgive myself for all the ways known and unknown that I have not interacted with my intuition and wisdom in a healthy and helpful way. With this statement, I pledge myself to learning from intuition and begin my healing today.

Visualize Reconnecting

Life brings us many opportunities to begin relationships with ourselves and others again. We all have relationship histories that can bring up memories of disappointment, hurt, and/or guilt. None-the-less, if we have been separated from a loved one for a period of time, these memories fade in importance when we have the opportunity to reconnect at a new and potentially more authentic and profound level.

To begin this exercise, remember a time when you were at the airport either waiting for someone yourself or watching someone else who is obviously waiting to be reconnected with a loved one. Play back in your mind the joy, hugs, and welcome expressed by both parties when they see each other.

Breathe deeply, counting 1 on the inhale and 2 on the exhale. Let all other thoughts in your mind go and focus on the breath and simple counting. Breathe naturally.

When you are relaxed and centered, imagine you are at the airport waiting for a loved one: your intuition.

Experience how excited your body and spirit are to know that this reconnection with your wise, intuitive self will open a new life for you. Let any known and unknown knowledge wounds you may be holding melt away in the light of your delight.

Let intuition take any form that is natural a male or female, young or old, someone you know, a perfect stranger, an animal, an object someone has shipped to you. Using your imagination, see, feel, hear and fully sense the wonderful, mutual celebration you and your intuition experience when you greet each other with joy. All residues of past problems have melted away.

See yourself walking out the airport door, towards your life in partnership with your intuition. There is no need to look back.

Write a Companion Love Letter

Using an intuition journal or other journal, write a direct and simple love letter to your intuition. Invite your intuition to be your companion in life÷to guide you, to inspire you, to identify your purposes, to make you laugh, to increase your sense of belonging, to reveal connections, to help your grow as a person, and anything else that you would like to develop or experience inside yourself.

Think deeply about what it is you want to pledge to your intuition and then write about it. Have you created an equal partnership? If there is anything you need to add or subtract now or in the future, change your letter and pledge as needed.

Keep this record and look back in 6 months and see what has changed. If you find this method for reconnecting satisfying, repeat it every year.

Author Sharon Franquemont © 2006 Life Science Foundation, used with permission.