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Relationships & Belonging

Healthy relationships are a vital component of overall health. We humans are social animals and as such, we have an innate need to be involved with other people. Strong family ties, friendships, and involvement in social activities can increase our sense of security and self-esteem and provide a psychological buffer against stress, anxiety and depression.

Social networks also provide a sense of belonging, security, and a community where people can share their concerns and needs and support others.

Strong relationships provide:

  1. Buffer against stress
  2. Longer life
  3. Meaningful connections
  4. Protection from loneliness


Nurture your relationships

Take charge of your wellbeing today.

How are your relationships?    Set a specific goal


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Community Wellbeing

A vast group of online gamers calls itself a community. So do the six people who live in a small residence. Communities range far and wide, in physical locations and on the web. So what do we mean by community?   

In our wellbeing model, we are talking about societal groups that live in a defined geographical area and share physical and governmental resources. This kind of community exists at different levels, from neighborhoods to towns to states and countries.