Student Wellbeing

161026_1084_0.jpgCollege students today face unprecedented rates of stress, mental health issues, addiction, and financial barriers that prevent them from achieving wellbeing and academic success. At the University of Minnesota, one third of students have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression, and over 42% report experiencing mental health stressors within the past month. 

In response to this alarming data, Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing offers free, online resources for students seeking wellbeing information. Launched in late 2019, Student Wellbeing is a digital hub for resources on mindfulness, nutrition, integrative therapies, purpose, and other topics. In collaboration with a diverse student advisory panel and informed by data collected through Boynton Health Services and national research, Student Wellbeing focuses on practical, evidence-based resources for issues that are relevant to today’s university student. 

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