Tibetan medicine is an ancient, timely healing tradition from Tibet. The Tibetan name is Sowa Rigpa, the science of healing. Over the millennia, Tibetan medicine has evolved into a profound philosophy, psychology, science, and art.

Tibetan medicine teaches that the purpose of life is to be happy. This holistic tradition consists of analyzing your unique inborn nature or constitution and making supportive lifestyle choices. Healthy choices promote healing the source of problems and developing health through balance. 

Tibetan medicine explains the complex relationship between mind, body, and environment, and why the mind is the source of suffering. To be happy, you need to create a healthy mind. By using Tibetan medicine for your self-care and integrative care, you can create a healthy mind, even on your deathbed.



  • Health is balance and dis-ease is imbalance.
  • Treating illness requires correcting the underlying imbalance.
  • Wellbeing means living in harmony with your unique nature.