A cluttered garage.

Tips for de-cluttering your home

Your personal environment has a bigger impact on your health and emotional wellbeing than you think. A messy home or workplace can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Here are some tips to help you keep the clutter (and the stress) at bay:



  1. Clean out an overflowing closet by turning all of your hangers to face the wrong way (with the hook pointing toward you). When you wear something, turn the hanger so it hangs correctly. At the end of a year, check the closet. Are there any hangers still facing the wrong way? Donate those clothes to a local charity.
  2. Create a “one-year box.” If you have a lot of odds and ends you can’t seem to let go of, put them all in a box and tape it shut. If at the end of a year you haven’t opened the box, donate it or give it away (and don’t peek at what’s in there!).
  3. Spend a few minutes each day de-cluttering.  If you keep ahead of it, you can prevent piles from becoming so large they overwhelm you. These few minutes can even be relaxing—turn on some music, brew a cup of tea, and sort through the mail on your desk.
  4. Donate, rather than toss, what you don’t need. That second coffee pot doesn’t need to be taken out to the dumpster. In fact, sometimes it’s easier to let go of things if you know someone else will get use out of them—so keep a “donate” box handy and add your extra stuff there. At the end of the month, drop it off at a local donation center.