Tips to Start

Achieving wellbeing springs from belief, from the realization that you can find wellbeing within yourself, and the desire to bring it forth.  

Your approach will be unique to you, coming from an awareness of where you are and what you need.  As you proceed, listen to your body and mind.  Take small steps.  Create a positive environment where you can succeed.  Include support from others.  Be compassionate to yourself as you go and start again whenever you need to.   Remember that wellbeing is our natural inclination.  Savor successes.

Start with assessment

Before you begin, you need to know where you are!  You can begin with the overall assessment –where are you in each dimension of wellbeing?  This can help you choose an area where you want to start to make changes.

Each dimension of wellbeing has several aspects.  Choose one aspect and do the more detailed self-assessment.  It will help you identify your strengths and challenges in that area and where you are ready for change.    You can print your assessment or save it to a Word document, so you can track your progress.

Learn more

To succeed, you need to know what your options are.  Our information offers valuable tips, inspiration, and information from healthcare experts and other people like you who have made positive change.

Create a goal

When you have done your assessment and learned more how you could enhance your wellbeing in a particular area, then motivate yourself to change by setting a goal.  We guide you through a goal setting process developed by behavioral change experts.

Be sure to come back and redo the assessments and goals whenever you want to refine or redirect your efforts. A health coach can also help you set and achieve your personalized wellbeing goals.

Get started by clicking on the aspect of wellbeing where you most want to make improvements. Just making that small effort begins the process of change!

The first and most powerful goal is deciding to improve! Simply making the decision to improve or enhance your life is a breakthrough.