Be As Safe as You Can

neighborhood with sun setting

We all have a basic human need to feel safe: to be free from threats, to have trust and support, to be able to relax. Security – the sense of being safe physically, emotionally, and environmentally – impacts wellbeing in many ways, including physical health, emotional wellbeing, and how we manage stress. In addition, when you feel safe, you can focus on higher pursuits, such as your calling or sense of purpose in life.
While we can make smart choices to protect ourselves, our personal security is not always entirely within our control. External factors, from the impacts of racism to natural disasters to destabilized political systems, can erode our sense of security and increase fear. 

The first step in being as safe as you can is acknowledging what you can control, including your own behavior and the products you use, and learning self-protective habits to increase your wellbeing.

Being safe leads to:

  • Reduced stress and fear
  • Longer, healthier life
  • Decreased risk of injury and sickness
  • Making others safer