Real Life Examples of Spirituality


Linda found herself constantly dissatisfied with her life and overly stressed about little things. She decided to take a beginning meditation course and found that practicing meditation relieved her stress greatly. Moreover, she found the teachings at the meditation center gave her a new perspective on life and over time, she found herself feeling more focused and balanced.






John is the father of a young child with a life-threatening illness. He realized that even though he would not wish this disease on anyone, he would never have known how important his congregation was if it hadn't occurred. John was deeply moved by the support he and his wife and child received from their rabbi and members of the congregation during the child's long illness. He said he learned "what was really important in life" through the experience. Just knowing that others cared what happened made the experience more bearable.



Gertrude was diagnosed with breast cancer and was terrified that she was going to die. Her fear was affecting her ability to sleep, which further affected her health. Her pastor recommended that she pray her favorite psalm while recalling God's abiding presence and worked to help her connect with God once again. As she did so, her fears eased and she relaxed into healing. Gertrude