The Healthy Deviant: Pilar Gerasimo

Pilar headshotHow do you become healthy in a society that promotes unhealthy choices? This is the primary question  author Pilar Gerasimo has been exploring for years. As a journalist, podcaster, social explorer, and self-described “Healthy Deviant,” Pilar has been investigating how the default choices in society move us away from wellbeing and health and how we can improve our lives through by deviating from the norm.  Her findings mirror much of our own research and approach to wellbeing!


Pilar's definition of wellbeing is “feeling the sense of potential … [and having] enough energy and vitality to pursue what you want to do, even if you have limitations.” Pilar believes that modern society, with its focus on a hyper-perfected appearance of health, has confused us about what health and wellbeing really is. Healthy deviance is a way of challenging what mainstream health magazines and other outlets would have us believe and focusing instead on what has traditionally worked well for humans over thousands of years and learning the skills of how to be healthy.