Interview with Paul Schultz

Paul Schultz is a tribal elder and traditional healer in the White Earth band of the Ojibwe tribe in Minnesota. He was an active part of the vocal Indian movement during the 1970s. Today, he continues to raise questions about the individualization of healthcare, and he has worked side-by-side with medical doctors on the White Earth reservation. Schultz is helping to integrate Western medicine with traditional healing practices, such as praying and cleansing with sage over medications.

Schultz was a presentor at the 2008 Ways of Knowing Symposium, during which he discussed the importance of respecting all things in the world and not holding oneself up higher than other people, animals or other things. He also stressed the importance of laughter.

During the symposium, the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality & Healing had the opportunity to talk with Schultz. Watch his interview below.