Senior Lecturer at the Center for Spirituality & Healing, University of Minnesota

Dennis McKenna has worked in the interdisciplinary fields of pharmacognosy, ethnopharmacology, and ethnobotany for more than 20 years. McKenna has conducted extensive ethnobotanical fieldwork in the Peruvian, Colombian, and Brazilian Amazon. He serves on the Advisory Board of the American Botanical Council, and on the Editorial Board of Phytomedicine, International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology. He also served as Editor-in-Chief of the Haworth Herbal Press from 2001 to 2007 and is author or co-author on more than 35 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. Dennis and two colleagues are co-authors of a recently-published reference work on herbal medicines, titled Botanical Medicines: the Desk Reference for Major Herbal Supplements. He is a senior lecturer at the Center for Spirituality & Healing.