Taking Natural Steps for Our Planet

kristy-kravchenko-2901_0.jpg On April 22, the world comes together to celebrate the planet we call home.  It’s the day to celebrate Earth- the source of all our food and the natural resources that keep us warm, housed, and going places; habitat for the birds and animals that give us joy; host to the flowers, trees, lakes, and mountains that bring us beauty. 

But this year we may greet the day with conflicted emotions, worrying about all the discouraging news around our environment.  We may even wish the day away, feeling hopeless about  what to do. But don’t give up--the scientists aren’t defeated yet, and they have joined together from around the world to create a plan called the Natural Step where we all have a role.  Your individual actions will make a difference, and if we do it together it will be powerful.

The Natural Step plan outlines four simple steps we can take to keep the earth healthy now and for future generations:

  1. Limit what we take from the earth
  2. Limit our use of toxic substances
  3. Respect and protect the earth’s ecosystems
  4. Meet fundamental human needs for all