Wellbeing is not just another word for physical health—it is about finding balance in body, mind, and spirit. In this state, we feel content, connected, energized, resilient, and safe. 

Our model of wellbeing was created by Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer, Director of the Center for Spirituality and Healing, at the University of Minnesota.  In her extensive work and research around integrative health and healing, Dr. Kreitzer identified six dimensions that contribute to wellbeing.These take into account our interconnectedness and interdependence with our friends, families, and communities, as well as the personal and global environment we live in. They also address the importance of security and purpose in our lives. 

The model can be conceptualized and expressed at many levels—including the individual, family, organization/system, and community.

We invite you to explore each dimension. Our hope is that this model will lead us to individual, community, and environmental wellbeing.

Assess your overall wellbeing