10 Things You Can Do for Planetary Health

plastic bottles repurposed as flower pots

person in crowd holding sign that says ask not what your planet can do for you, ask what you can do for your planetOne of the most complicated aspects of climate change is that it can feel like a huge, abstract problem. The science is sometimes complex, and it's hard to fully understand massive, global problems - especially if we don't see the direct effects in our life (such as sweltering temperatures or asthma from air pollution).

For many of us, it can feel so overwhelming to try to help that we just give up. Where can we start when trying to improve planetary health? And can we, as individuals, even make a difference?

The Lowdown on Drawdown

Project Drawdown is an organization that reviews and distills climate research into practical solutions. The word "drawdown" refers to the point when greenhouse gas emissions stop climbing and start decreasing. Reaching drawdown requires a global effort, and Project Drawdown offers 80 evidence-based plans for governments, communities, and individuals to follow on the path to saving the planet and the humans that inhabit it.

Below are ten solutions suggested by Project Drawdown, with tips for how you can take action on each. For even more ideas, join Drawdown's Ecochallenge and find measurable actions you can take to reduce global warming. Still want to learn more? Register for a three-part, online presentation that includes Drawdown experts this September, hosted by the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota.