Because chiropractic is non-invasive and does not involve the use of pharmaceuticals, it is generally very safe.

In addition, chiropractors base their treatment methods on the needs of individual patients, using mild or non-force techniques with patients who would not readily tolerate manual adjustments.

Many times, chiropractic adjustments bring immediate relief. You may or may not experience side effects from the adjustment or therapies. If you do, they are usually limited to mild to moderate soreness lasting a day or two in a specific area.

What are the risks?

Chiropractor helping a patient raise her armsChiropractors will perform several tests in order to minimize risks, and patients always should be informed of any potential problems from various treatment options.

One often-noted risk of injury for chiropractic patients appears to be a very rare association between cervical manipulation (a procedure involving rotation or manipulation of the vertebra within the neck) and damage of the vertebral artery, which could lead to stroke. Specific pre-adjustments tests are designed to predict and to minimize this potential risk.