Learn Reiki

Reiki is easily learned and practiced as self-care by anyone who is interested, regardless of the person's age or state of health. Children can learn to practice, as can the elderly and the infirm. No special background or credentials are needed to receive training. One of the hallmarks of Reiki practice is its simplicity: it can be learned in about ten hours of in-person training, generally offered in group class formats, and doesn't require knowledge of either subtle bioenergy or healthcare.

Why would I want to learn Reiki?

Although it is a wonderful experience to receive Reiki from someone else, a friend or a professional, there are many reasons to consider learning to practice Reiki on yourself. The convenience of self-care is valued not only by people with health challenges, but also by others with busy schedules who are seeking more balance in their lives.

Daily Reiki self-care provides an opportunity to restore balance, reduce stress, and reconnect with an experience of wellness.

Additionally, moments of Reiki practice throughout the day can bring centering and relief from pain, anxiety, and stress as often as needed. People suffering from anxiety or pain who learn Reiki self-care have the additional empowerment of knowing they are never again alone and helpless with their suffering.

woman lying down with her hands over her eyes, doing self reikiLearning Reiki self-care can benefit people who are healthy and those with chronic health conditions, whether it's diabetes, asthma, cancer, epilepsy, fatigue syndromes, depression, or heart disease, to name just a few. They can practice Reiki on themselves every day to reduce stress and strengthen wellbeing and repeat the Reiki practice as often as they feel the need.

There is also some anecdotal evidence that Reiki has potential for benefiting animals in many of the same ways experienced by humans. Those offering Reiki to their pets are often pleasantly surprised at their pet's interest and cooperation!

When there are financial limitations, the advantages of a one-time investment in learning to practice Reiki self-care over paying for repeated sessions are obvious. When there is illness in a family and it is no longer feasible for the patient to self-treat, one or more family members can learn First degree (hands-on) Reiki and treat the patient (and other family members) as well as themselves.