Coping With Covid-19 Uncertainty

Contributor(s): Sylvia Rani
student holding books and bag looking pensive and uncertain

Read Deanna's story about uncertainty coming home from study abroadNina was in Pittsburgh visiting a friend at her college when the news hit. The pivotal moment was when her friend got an email saying that she had to move out of her dorm. Nina describes it this way:  “We went through feelings of anger, frustration, and confusion together. It felt very surreal. Within a few days, though, I kind of released that anger and realized that this is so much bigger than me. The negative feelings got replaced with a kind of shock. I know everything’s gonna be okay, but I feel very in limbo. I just feel a general anxiety about what next semester is gonna be like, there’s a lot of question marks floating around right now.”

You might recognize some of these emotions and, like Nina, feel in a state of limbo right now.  We are living in uncertain times. But there are things we can do.