Holistic Therapies for Children

children doing yoga

If you have children, the odds that they are going to use holistic therapies depend heavily on one factor: you. Do you use holistic (or, as some call them, complementary or integrative) therapies for your own wellbeing? Are you, for example, a meditator, a yoga practitioner, a chiropractic patient, or a user of dietary supplements? Then your children probably will be, too.

The 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) found that about 12% of children use holistic therapies, and their use rises among kids with chronic illnesses – over half of children with chronic conditions, in fact, use some type of holistic therapy. The most common uses are for back/neck pain, head cold, anxiety/stress, and ADHD.

Below are a few examples of holistic therapies commonly used by children.