How to Get Younger and Grow Healthier: An Interview with Dr. Michael Roizen

michael Roizen

You may recognize Michael Roizen from his appearances over the years on the Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr. Oz. Dr. Roizen, a physician and author with a deep interest in personal wellbeing, coined the term “Real Age” when he developed a free questionnaire that calculates how your lifestyle choices have impacted the potential length of your life.

The bad news: you may be accelerating the ageing process with some of the choices you make around diet, exercise, safety, and stress management.

The good news: today is the day you can start over.

Now, as Cleveland Clinic’s first-ever Director of Wellness, Dr. Roizen has undertaken an ambitious (and successful) project to increase employee wellbeing, engagement, and health—while saving the clinic money at the same time. In this interview, he talks to Taking Charge about what methods have worked for increasing employee wellbeing and what changes you can make in your own life to reduce your Real Age to feel happy, healthy, and flourishing.

Watch this video interview with Dr. Roizen to learn more.