Linda Used Essential Oils for Bruising and Scrapes

I had a bad bike accident when I was 52, ending up with several facial lacerations and a concussion. I did go to a traditional MD at the Urgent Care to address my head injury, and I had sutures where my tooth poked through my lip. Beyond that, I used my own knowledge about essential oils for healing.

As a nurse and professor, I received specific training on using essential oils in clinical settings. I teach courses on essential oils, and I use them myself. For my bike accident injuries I used helichrysum, which helped my bruises resolve quickly. I also used lavender and tea tree oil on the cuts and scrapes and had no scarring except for where I had my stitches. I obtained my essential oils from an Internet source.

I always recommend essential oils for everyday first aid needs. For example, if you put lavender on a kitchen burn, you can avoid blisters and decrease the pain. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and analgesic properties, so it's great for injuries like cat scratches. People who have difficulty sleeping can use lavender.

My advice for people who want to use essential oils is to educate themselves about them. There are good texts in just about every bookstore. If you want to work with an aromatherapist, be aware that there is national testing for credentials. You can always check out any provider's training, background, and education.