Be Safe in Your Community

houses in a neighborhood

pexels-emese-pop-3094423.jpgHow safe do you feel when you step outside your home? Your physical safety, your ability to connect meaningfully with the people around you, and the environment can all play a role in how secure you feel in your community. Factors such as crime, traffic, infrastructure, air and water safety, and access to green space all play a role.
Some of the dangers in your community may be real and some may simply be perceived – but both play a role in your wellbeing. Researchers Wang et al examined urban areas in China and found that people who feel safe in their neighborhoods experience better mental health than those who do not – moreover, this perception of safety can increase the impact of other activities, such as physical activity and social connections, on mental health.
Luckily, there are many ways you can take charge of your personal safety in your neighborhood, as well as work to make your community safer.