How to Begin

man wearing black cap with eyes closed under cloudy sky

If you don’t have prior experience with mindfulness meditation, please see the “Cautions” section below and talk to your healthcare provider if you have questions about whether a meditation practice is appropriate for you at this time in your life.

Why is it important to practice mindfulness?

Illustration of a woman playing an acoustic guitar with her eyes closed.Imagine you are learning to play the acoustic guitar. The first time you sit down to practice, would you expect to be able to effortlessly play your favorite song? Of course not! Learning to play your favorite song on the guitar would take lots of practice. Mindfulness, like music, requires regular practice so you can develop greater levels of skill.

The more you formally practice mindfulness, the more you will begin to experience moments of presence throughout your day. Your “being” becomes accessible to you so that even in the midst of a whirlwind of activity, you can still act from a place of greater presence and resilience.