Integrative therapies for Parkinson's

elderly man with legs folded in yoga pose and eyes closedParkinson’s is a complex disease that manifests in different ways for everyone and includes both motor and non-motor symptoms, from tremors and dyskinesia to depression and cognitive difficulties. Because the spectrum of experiences is broad, many people seek a variety of treatments and practices to manage symptoms. These approaches include holistic, or integrative therapies, in addition to standard pharmacological and surgical treatments.

Depending on which survey you read, anywhere from 40-85% of people with PD try some form of holistic therapy - and most who try them find them to be effective

Integrative or holistic therapies should not be considered cures for Parkinson’s; rather, they can address the wellbeing of the whole person - body, mind, spirit - and work in tandem with conventional approaches recommended by your healthcare provider. Because of this, you should always let your provider know what integrative therapies you are considering using.